Newark, DE


 So, it has fallen to you to plan the big event.  Of all the details that you must see to, the entertainment will have the biggest impact on how this event is remembered.  DJ Rick Daring has been providing professional quality entertainment at every imaginable type of event for over 20 years.  Whether it's your Wedding Reception,  an anniversary,  a birthday,  a corporate event, pool party, awards banquet, frat or sorority function, or even a Beef & Beer party.  DJ Rick has extensive experience in handling your exact needs.

    Several factors should be considered in your selection for a qualified entertainer.  Not the least of which would be the available selection of music.  As recently as 10 years ago a DJ's selection was limited to the number of boxes of records he could fit into his vehicle, or on the DJ Table.  Then that selection grew considerable with the advent of CD's.  Many DJ's still use CD's and are able to carry as many as 6,000-7,000 songs in a couple of standard CD boxes.  However, with the more recent advancements in digital music technology, the amount of music carried is only limited by the archives from which it is being culled.  Rick is currently carrying over 40,000 songs of every imaginable type of music.  It took over 2 years to encode 14 years worth of music archives into high quality mp3 format.  This collection is the envy of almost every other DJ in the area, and represents just about every song he has ever owned on all standard music formats.  On top of this vast archive, Rick also goes to great pains to keep this collection current.  Using not only the billboard charts, but also weekly checks on the current play lists from several local radio stations, as well as incoming requests from the bar and night club nights that he plays.  The music library however huge, will always be considered a work in progress.  Every week songs are added to keep it up to date.  For your convenience you can search and browse this extensive music library to aid you in preparing a request list for your event.